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6 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Hi Nance! I hope you are well and I’m sure you’ve already been to the market. Spring is awesome! I came across a note I’d written to myself to send you this link:

    I don’t really remember the context or reason, but enjoy! Keep in touch, Ryan.

  2. Nance…so glad we met last weekend! This is an awesome blog, and I’ll be sure to recommend it to my friends back home, esp. the ones who love to cook. =) Elisa

  3. July wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday season.

  4. Anna Kirkpatrick

    Enjoyed your blog on St George Island! We’ve been there before, but this coming Spring Break will be our first time at Moonray. Any additional comments? We think it looks very cool…are there plenty of pans, pasta pans, dishes, wine glasses, sale bowls, bowls in general? We cook all our meals in except for lunch, so we always carry extra knives, pans…would be nice not to have to…any recommendations? Thanks! Anna

    • The Moonray is great! It is pretty well stocked, but I would recommend a good sharp knife. And, I brought my own cast iron pan. No wine glasses, but plenty of other glasses. Oh – I did not like their cutting board so maybe bring that. Overall, we loved the Moonray! Enjoy your stay!

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